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Antonio Ortega

Founding Partner

Lesly Gaona

Founding Partner

Delivering solutions for leading brands

We guide our partners to sustainable and continuous success.

Industries We Grow


Our solutions drive sales growth, improve user customer satisfaction, and streamline the entire online retail journey.


Alotech provides strategic guidance and technology solutions to transform learning experiences. Contribute to the evolution of education.

Financial Services

From fintech solutions to account management, our partners stay competitive and relevant, ensuring a secure and efficient financial ecosystem.


We support public sector organizations in delivering citizen-centric solutions, enhancing transparency, and modernizing infrastructure.


We help health systems identify ways to deliver better value for patients, fuel innovation, and reduce the cost and complexity of operations.


Our solutions cater to content creation, distribution, and audience engagement, enabling media organizations to stay ahead.

Real Estate

Alotech offers strategic insights and technological solutions that enhance property management, and elevate the overall housing experience.


Our expertise in software development, IT consulting, and emerging technologies positions our partners to lead in the ever-evolving tech landscape.